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Signs your marriage may be heading for divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2018 | Uncategorized |

On your wedding day, you may pledge to be with your spouse until death. It may be ideal to stick with your partner through everything, but there could be a time when it is better to let things go. While you may try to work things out or go to therapy at first, if problems continue to arise, your marriage may be in deep trouble.

Each relationship is unique, and the decision to get a divorce is a deeply personal one. However, here are some red flags your marriage may be coming to an end. 

You do not talk about thoughts or feelings

Communicating your desires and ideas is crucial to having a healthy marriage. While you do not need to share every single thought or emotion with your spouse, you should be able to talk openly. Discussions are vital to building a healthier connection with your partner. You cannot resolve problems without bringing them up.

You constantly desire a life without your spouse

It is normal to feel frustration with your partner and have short moments of wanting a single life. Not every second of your marriage is going to be pleasant. However, if you are consistently daydreaming about how much better your life would be without your spouse, there is a serious issue in your relationship. 

You feel like you are the only one who cares

You may notice problems in your connection and try to work them out proactively. If you suggest therapy or want to talk about deeper topics but your spouse is reluctant, you can feel responsible for resolving all the issues by yourself. Maintaining a happy marriage takes effort from both parties. You should not be the only one who feels responsible for solving your marital problems. 

While these factors may not necessarily guarantee a divorce, they are signs of significant marital distress.