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Why you should avoid divorce advice from your friends

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Once you realize you cannot move forward in the marriage any longer with your spouse, it is time to proceed with a divorce. As you acquire the necessary paperwork, you will gradually inform your loved ones of what will happen. Chances are good you know plenty of people who have divorced, and they will likely give you advice during this time. 

You need to take any advice given to you by friends with a huge grain of salt. Divorce is different for everyone. They may be familiar with the process, but they do not know you and your spouse. You should only take advice from a legal authority and only rely on your friends for emotional support. 

Friends cannot be objective

Your friends only want the best for you. It is not unheard of for people to tell loved ones, “Take them for everything they are worth.” However, in general, you need to think about what you should honestly fight for. Your friends may tell you to fight for as much alimony as you can possibly get, but in many instances, judges look at a variety of factors when coming up with a fair number. You do not want to drag out the process in court because your friends told you to try to get more. You should look at what you need and stick with that. 

Friends usually do not know the law

Unless you have personal friends who are lawyers, they will not know divorce law in Washington. They may have heard a few things from their lawyers, but that only encapsulates a small portion of the overall law. After all, you may have a more complicated divorce than they did. Perhaps they rented with their spouse while you and your partner own a house together. That complicates matters greatly, and your friends do not know what is best in that situation. You should have a close group of friends to confide in, but you do not need their legal advice.