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Successful co-parenting elements for parents considering divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2020 | Divorce |

Every marriage experiences its ups and downs, but not all couples make it out of the downs even though they have children together. If you are considering divorce and there are children involved, co-parenting is something that you are going to be faced with post-divorce. There are several ways to be successful at co-parenting in Washington. Here are some tips to consider.

Be respectful

When a relationship ends, most people prefer to walk away from the ex forever. If you have children, that is not an option. During feelings of antagonism toward your former spouse, you are encouraged to help your children maintain a strong bond with them. Remembering to respect your history should help get you through the co-parenting moments that you must share together.

Communicate as a team

The teen years are particularly tough for a child and their parents. When your child tests you and your former spouse, the two of you need to communicate as a team. Children learn from their parents how to become adults, so if there is a disagreement, it is healthy for your child to see you get through it together.

Build a support group

Co-parenting after a divorce is not easy and may come with complications and frustration. Therefore, you are encouraged to build a support group of people who will listen to you and help you through the process. Do not rant to your child about your former spouse. Speak with your support group instead.

Be flexible

Successful co-parenting requires flexibility. It also requires you to be accessible and fair. There are going to be times when your former spouse needs you to make scheduling changes. If you show good faith, then when you need a favor, it is more likely to be returned. A family law attorney may help you and your former partner develop a solid plan for shared parenting after the divorce.