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When does it seem spouses are headed for divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2021 | Divorce |

Not all marriages last, and the divorce rate in the United States shows many unions fail. Friends and family may feel surprised that a couple found themselves in a Washington divorce court, but that doesn’t mean the signs weren’t there. Unfortunately, even the spouses might not recognize indicators that a marriage may soon fall apart. Being aware of such signs could lead some to take action sooner rather than later.

Hostility might become apparent and excessive

A marriage might suffer from a problematic amount of tension. Arguments and bickering could become everyday events as the couple grows apart and becomes hostile with one another. Anger and hostility won’t likely indicate a marriage will last, and the “silent treatment” could prove equally disastrous.

Verbal disagreements could be troubling enough, but things may worsen if comments veer into abusive territory. Personal and cruel verbal attacks and other forms of mental cruelty might make living with someone intolerable. An abusive spouse may inflict severe psychological harm, long-term harm, on someone on the receiving end of verbal abuse. Children might suffer as well. Ultimately, separating may prove unavoidable and necessary.

Drifting apart and a loss of intimacy

Married couples may find themselves becoming “single persons” living in the same home. That is, they no longer interact as happy spouses. Sometimes, spouses may choose to avoid one another or cut back on communications when the union starts to fail.

Lack of communication may start small, but things could worsen over time. The spouses may slowly break apart even while living together. That is, their lives become more separate, and the union between the two weaken. For some spouses, such a partnership proves unacceptable. Filing for divorce provides an unhappy spouse with a way out and a chance at a new life. Several reasons exist why married people may call a family law attorney to discuss divorce plans. Tension and troubles may build over time, and then the unavoidable occurs.