After 45 years of practice, I am closing my office effective July 31, 2022. I will continue to work from my home on some residual matters; and will be available to do some estate planning and administration, as well as assisting existing clients on smaller matters. However, I want to spend more time with my wife, our children and our grandchildren.

You can reach me by e-mail at; and by phone at 206.686.4466.

I remain grateful for the opportunity to assist my clients over the years. It has been wonderful getting to know you and your families.

– Mark


Including trusts in your Washington estate plan

Many Washington state residents use trusts as an estate planning tool. A trust is flexible and can take effect during life (living trust) or after death. Trusts shield assets from probate and offer tax advantages.  A living trust takes place during the trustor’s life....

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Child custody considerations in same-sex divorce

There is no question about it, divorce is stressful. With that said, it may be even more stressful depending on where you live and your family's situation. If, for example, you are an individual who is separating from a partner with whom you share children and are in...

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Will your estate require probate in Washington?

When planning your estate, you may have questions about whether it will have to go through probate. With this process, the court supervises your designated representative as he or she settles your affairs.  Review the criteria that determine whether your Washington...

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Is technology destroying your marriage?

Cellphones, computers, tablets and other devices may seem to make your life easier. You may even have a smart house in Washington that you can control through a handheld device or by speaking to a digital assistant. It is an exciting time in which to live because...

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Why do I need an estate plan?

For many, having an estate plan means writing a will to distribute one's assets after death. This is certainly an important part of planning your estate. You want to make sure your loved ones obtain their fair share of what you leave behind and that you articulate any...

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