After 45 years of practice, I am closing my office effective July 31, 2022. I will continue to work from my home on some residual matters; and will be available to do some estate planning and administration, as well as assisting existing clients on smaller matters. However, I want to spend more time with my wife, our children and our grandchildren.

You can reach me by e-mail at; and by phone at 206.686.4466.

I remain grateful for the opportunity to assist my clients over the years. It has been wonderful getting to know you and your families.

– Mark


Child custody considerations in same-sex divorce

There is no question about it, divorce is stressful. With that said, it may be even more stressful depending on where you live and your family's situation. If, for example, you are an individual who is separating from a partner with whom you share children and are in...

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Grey divorce is a compact term for a complicated matter

Grey divorce refers to divorces involving spouses over the age of 50, the baby boomer generation. Divorce is difficult and arduous at any age, but going through it later in life can be especially traumatic, both emotionally and financially. Baby boomers in Washington...

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Property division and family homes

For Washington state couples who are getting a divorce, dividing marital property can be one of the most complicated issues they will deal with. Since there may be significant value for certain items, there are frequently disagreements as to how the property will be...

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When does it seem spouses are headed for divorce?

Not all marriages last, and the divorce rate in the United States shows many unions fail. Friends and family may feel surprised that a couple found themselves in a Washington divorce court, but that doesn't mean the signs weren't there. Unfortunately, even the spouses...

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Visitation transportation agreement for divorced parents

Parents in Washington involved with the divorce process will want things to remain as normal as possible for their children. One way to attain this goal is to make sure children can enjoy regular visits with the parent who will no longer live in the house with them....

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How to maintain your financial stability during divorce

People in Washington who are going through a divorce can take steps to avoid some common situations that may jeopardize their financial well-being. This involves managing both emotions and money. Your finances Before even heading into divorce, you may want to try to...

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